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Skepticism vs. Cynicism: Post Show Links

Posted in links by Desiree on December 5, 2008

Hello all…

Thanks SO much to Sean Ouimet for being such a fantastic guest. And thanks again to the, like, bazillion people who called in with questions and comments.

Here’s the links:

A brief intro to skepticism via skeptic.com

Great blog post about the show topic on Reddit’s Conscience

Another blog article on Lintbox

Short article on the topic on the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc. site

Myths of Skepticism

Stupid Skeptic Tricks

For the person that was asking what was going on with U of A’s convocation, visit the University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics website here.

And anyone would like to see what the Edmonton Skeptical Society is up to should head here.

See you next week!