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Post-show Links: The Future of Computers

Posted in links by Desiree on January 2, 2009

Thanks very much to Michael Edwards for being with us, and for letting us know that we don’t need to feel bad about using Wikipedia for research. In his honour, here’s tonight’s link round-up:

Artificial Intelligence (Wikipedia)

The Turing Test (Wikipedia)

The Singularity (Wikipedia)

Open Source (Wikipedia)

Science Daily Article: Researchers develop intensive care system using AI

Free Software Foundation

TED Talks: The Singularity

Galaxy Zoo


This Week: The Future of Computers

Posted in upcoming shows by Desiree on December 28, 2008

Next episode we’ll be talking about the Future of Computers with Michael Edwards of Liberating Students Digitally.

Tune in to hear about modern artificial intelligence. Are they, even now, conspiring against us? Will the computers of today be our masters tomorrow?

Or has the internet helped us rediscover a different spirit of work and engagement? One that relies on cooperation, not competition. Is it bringing us closer together or pushing us farther apart?

All this and more on the next Q Transmissions, every Friday at 6pm on CJSR.