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Secularism in Alberta

Posted in news, upcoming shows by Desiree on March 15, 2009

Next time we’ll be talking about the state of secularism with Cliff Erasmus, Executive Chair of the Centre for Inquiry Alberta.

With the recent launch of the “There’s Probably No God” bus ads in Calgary, atheism has hit Alberta’s mainstream media.

But why is it so important to talk about it now? What’s going on in the province that’s bringing the atheists, humanists and other secularly-focused folks out of the woodwork?

Could it be the teaching of creationism in our small-town public schools? Or the fact that megachurches from Texas have recently moved in? Or is it a product of a more general cultural shift?

Find out what Albertans are up to on the all new next Skeptically Speaking (formerly known as Q Transmissions), every Friday at 6pm on CJSR.

Note: Yes friends, we have a new name, a new format and a new website going LIVE this week! Keep checking this blog for details.

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Another Radio Station Rebroadcasting Q Transmissions!

Posted in news by Desiree on March 6, 2009

cityWIDE FM, a brand new radio station in Madison, Wisconsin, hosts a show called “Science for Skeptics”. Every Friday they rebroadcast interesting skeptical and science programming, and they’ll be airing Q Transmissions on a semi-regular basis. You can’t listen to their programming online yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Any listeners from Madison that happen to be reading this, welcome!

That brings us to three additional stations carrying the show. Please see the Links page for a list of affiliates.

Thanks so much for all the support!

Episode Upload

Posted in news by Desiree on February 21, 2009

You know that time where I said that shows would be ready for you to download by noon every Saturday?

Let’s just consider this a lesson in being skeptical of the media.

Shows will be hereby be posted Saturdays “at some point”, until I figure out a schedule that works for me.

Thanks all, I appreciate your patience.

Quantum Physics (with Dr. Anton Capri) Episode Online

Posted in news, Podcast by Desiree on February 14, 2009

The Quantum Physics podcast with Dr. Anton Capri is now available for download here (or via iTunes.)

A summary of the posts relating to this episode:

Update: The problem causing our blog’s layout to look funny all day has been fixed (sorry about that.) Thanks very much to our wishes-to-remain-anonymous helper for the fix.

Meet our Photographer, Marc-Julien Objois

Posted in news by Desiree on February 14, 2009

As you may have noticed from the photos in the preceding posts, the talented (and skeptical!) Marc-Julien Objois has kindly consented to be the official Q Transmissions photographer.

You’ll see his work grace the pages of our fair blog on a semi-regular basis; primarily when our interviews are in-studio.

Feel free to repost the pictures, but please credit the photographer when you do.

Thanks so much to Marc for wanting to be a part of the show… and for making us look good. 🙂

Happy Darwin Day!

Posted in news by Desiree on February 12, 2009

To all our wonderful listeners, a Darwin Day Valentine.

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Evolution with Greg Laden / Podcast Feed Now Available

Posted in news, Podcast by Desiree on February 8, 2009

You can now subscribe to our new feedburner feed to easily get your weekly fix of Q. To subscribe in iTunes, just click here.

Starting this week, new shows will now be made available as part of our RSS feeds (and the shows page) through a quick post letting you know the episode has made it online. We expect to have each episode up by noon on Saturdays, making it the perfect compliment to a late brunch.

If you haven’t already, you can listen to Friday’s episode on Evolution with Greg Laden here.

PZ Myers: Post-show links and such

Posted in links, news by Desiree on January 23, 2009

Thanks again to PZ for being a wonderful guest and allowing me to keep him on the phone for over an hour.

Here’s some information about the debate:

Does God Exist – Featuring PZ Myers and Kirk Durston
Monday, January 26, 2009
5:30pm – 7:30pm
ETLC E1-001 University of Alberta
The cost for students is $2, non-students, $5. CFI Friends of the Center are free. All profits will be donated to a local charity.
For more information, visit the University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics website here.

Directions to the event from a kind campus-based skeptic:

If you are coming by car the best place to park would be Windsor Car Park, which is on 116 st and 92 ave. Outside, you’ll see NINT and Chemical Materials Engineering. If you walk between the two of them, ETLC will be the first building on your right, after Chemical Materials Engineering.

If you are coming by bus, get off by St Joseph’s College, the first stop after the bus turns left past the Butterdome. Keep SUB on your left and follow the outside wall until you are on the far side and can see Agriculture and Forestry Centre. Keep AgFor on your left and follow a wide road toward the Computer Science Centre. Follow the road between CSC and AgFor and ETLC should be straight ahead.

Adventurous or cold attendees can enter SUB and try to follow the pedways to ETLC.

It sounds a little confusing, but that’s just how the place is laid out. All of the buildings should have signs posted outside them though, and there is a map here. ETLC is in C3/D3.

PZ will actually be in Calgary on Sunday, before he hits Edmonton. Find out more about his lecture on protecting evolution education in public schools here.

The JREF post I mentioned before the interview, about Obama’s inauguration speech,  is here.

Update: you can listen to this episode online here.

Song Contest VOTE!

Posted in news, Uncategorized by Desiree on January 10, 2009

In order to be as equitable and transparent as possible, we at Q Transmissions have decided to turn the song contest over to the will of the people.


All you have to do to be a part of this historic occasion is:

1. Listen to the contest submissions here.

2. Vote for your favorite entry here.


The deadline for voting is January 16 at 4pm. We’ll announce the results that day on the show.

Vote early and vote often!


Freethought Radio Network loves us, too!

Posted in news by Heather on January 7, 2009

The Freethought Radio Network is now airing Q Transmissions! Wheee!

Click here to visit their site and listen live. They have a number of fascinating atheist and skeptical programs.

(Scroll through the schedule to find when Q Transmissions airs.)