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Armed only with common sense and a good measure of snark, Desiree and Heather attempt to shine the light of logic and reason on society’s most questionable claims.

Based in Edmonton, Canada, this weekly one-hour skeptical call-in talk show interviews practitioners of alternative therapies, people with paranormal/supernatural “abilities” and experts from various scientific fields.

If it’s Friday, 6 pm MST where you are, you can listen to us live on CJSR FM88.5 or here. (Click the “Listen Live” icon on the left side of the page.)

If not, you can listen to archived shows here. Here’s the RSS feed for use in your news reader and iTunes.

You can be our facebook friend here.

And sometimes we videotape episodes and post them here.

Your hosts:


I’m a lowly left-winger who does obsessive amounts of research on any topic that interests me. I’m not a scientist or academic of any variety, I simply believe in using curiosity and critical analysis to guide my life. I use Philip K. Dick’s words as a litmus test; “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”


I had an intermittently Xian childhood but after much soul and brain searching have decided logic and reality is best. As I observe the snottiness and growing malevolence of fundamentalist religion, I’m becoming more of a radical atheist. When not offending people, I like to play ukulele in my band Switchblade Death Derby.


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  1. Eos said, on September 17, 2008 at 6:34 am

    This is very amazing. How did you guys manage to get this show to air? Are you apart of the Edmonton Skeptics as well? I’m sure your fan club will increase as word gets out.

  2. Desiree said, on September 17, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Thanks Eos!

    Heather has had the program going for quite awhile, every second Friday as an occult call-in talk show with a skeptical bent, but it changed to the current “all skeptic all the time” weekly format when she invited Michael and I to come on board.

    You can look forward to episodes on homeopathy, cognitive dissonance, fact-checking political claims and cold reading, for a start.

    And we love the Edmonton Skeptics Society. 🙂

    Spread the skeptical word!

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