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Helen Fisher show postponed!

Posted in upcoming shows by Heather on February 28, 2009

Unfortunately, the Helen Fisher show has been postponed until April 17th.

Watch this space to find out what we’re going to talk about this week.

You’ve seen her TED, you’ve seen her on CNN, you’ve seen her on Penn & Teller’s Bullshit. Well now, Helen Fisher is on Q Transmissions!

Fisher is a biological anthropologist, Research Professor and member of the Center for Human Evolution Studies in the Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Internet dating site, Chemistry.com. Her newest book, Why Him? Why Her? Finding Real Love by Understanding Your Personality Type explores the role of temperament and how it can determine why we love who we love.

So join us at 6 o’clock Friday at www.cjsr.com and/or 88.5 FM in Edmonton.

Oh, and Dr. Fisher will be on the phone with us live, so be sure to call in! 780-492-2577, ext. 1.

P.S. – a quiz!

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  1. Nathan said, on March 1, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    oh wow, I was beat to the first comment by a spam-bot. This should be a interesting show, I’ve already got the questions brewing for my call.

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