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Hypnotherapy Post-Show Links and such

Posted in links by Desiree on November 7, 2008

In this evening’s episode, we learned that you cannot be hypnotized against your will, cognitive-behavior therapy is just as successful as hypnosis (but without all the lovely relaxing) and past-life regression could be attributed to inadvertent plagiarism.  And also that Edmonton has a creepy, crappy card-trick demonstrating hypnotist clown.

Thanks very much to Basia Urbanski for coming to speak to us! To learn more about her, visit her website.

Some of the sources I used for tonight’s show were:

Hypnosis entry in the Skeptics’ Dictionary
Comments about the above entry
Meta-analysis on efficacy of hypnosis
Study on Cryptomnesia
Article on Children and hypnosis in Canadian Family Physician, the official publication of the College of Family Physicians of Canada
Past Life Regression entry in Skeptics’ Dictionary

See you next week!



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