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Next Week: Everything you ever wanted to know about death…

Posted in links, upcoming shows by Desiree on October 18, 2008

Hello, folks. Next show we’ll be speaking with Jared Zsombor, Medical Investigator, about DEATH.

We’ve all wondered about what happens after you die. Is there a heaven? Do you get 72 virgins? Do you get reincarnated as a snail?

Or is this is all there is?

Well, next show we won’t be speaking about that at all. But we will be speaking about what happens to your body after you die.

Like, is the last thing you see burned into your retina? Or if someone with a pacemaker dies, does their heart keep beating? If you get an organ transplant, do you develop the personality traits of the previous owner?

Find out the answers to these and all your other morbid questions on the next Q Transmissions.

And as the next show is a FunDrive* episode, remember to bring your wallet.


*For those of you that don’t know, FunDrive is CJSR’s annual fundraising campaign. CJSR is one of the few radio stations that would offer us the opportunity to have a program like this, and we love them for it. Please thank them for their contribution to skeptical dialogue by donating money during next week’s show.  Or if you won’t be able to call in, email us and we’ll arrange your pre-pledge. In addition to receiving our eternal gratefulness and appreciation, every person that donates gets a hot-off-the-press Q Transmissions sticker and will be entered into a draw for fabulous Q Transmissions prizes. Prizes to be announced on the blog next week.


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