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Just ’cause you think it, doesn’t mean it’s so…

Posted in upcoming shows by Heather on September 28, 2008

This week’s show is going to focus on a few different topics, but have a grander theme – just because you think/believe/remember it, doesn’t mean you’re right.

Whether it’s false-memory syndrome, a belief that doesn’t jibe w/ how you actually live your life (cognitive dissonance), or insisting on a belief system despite all evidence to the contrary (creationism), everyone has some ideas rambling around in their brain that maybe should be re-examined.

Tune in this Friday at 6 o’clock, MST on 88.5 FM or online at http://www.cjsr.com. Remember you can (and should!) participate – q@cjsr.com or 780-492-2577, x. 1.

– Heather


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