Q Transmissions

August 29th, 2008 email

Posted in letters by Heather on September 2, 2008

Your logical fallacies episode was decent as far as content goes, but the material leans more towards the instructional side than discussion. There’s nothing really controversial or polarizing about logical fallacies – they simply are. Informative as hell mind you, and I think the vast majority of the world needs to know said fallacies inside and out if they are to even remotely take their discourse seriously, but it’s hard to get people engaged because they know so little about them.

Anyhow, good show all the same. Now that you (and we listeners) have been schooled in logical fallacies, whatever Truther you have on next week will hopefully be held to higher standards of debate. I’d love to hear from one who could maintain a sound and consistent argument. It’s hard to say whether that is even possible, but I’d love to see it. – Phil

– Heather


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